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Thu Jul 30 09:38:46 EDT 2009

(Please note : the max size of attatched files is 40Kbyte.
  so I can NOT send the files.
   But if you wish the CVS filse in tar packaged, or the schmatic in
PDF format, mail me with this : 20090730 )

Hi All,
    To checkout all the files in the project , use GIT as following
under linux ):( change xxx to yourself)
git   config   --global   "xxx"

git   config   --global   user.emal    "xxx at

git   clone     git://

Then you get all the schematic with its library.
Use the kiCAD to open schematic, add all the library.
Then output PS files :
select "A" , not "A4", not "auto"
select "color"
select "without REF"
select "ALL"
Then, use acrobat to gen the PDF
I gen the pdf , with all the files get by GIT as the attatched files this mail.
The files' open password is : 1 ( digital , 1 )

2009/7/30 W.G. van de Hulst <suyckerbol at>:
>> At that case, the refresh is not the bussiness of the CPU, but the LCD
>> inside only.
> From what I understand, the refresh is done by the LCM, but access to
> its memory should still be synchronized.. The cpu must know when it's
> safe to write to that memory, to prevent any possible chance of
> garbled frames. This is not possible on the Dingoo A320: its LCM can't
> inform (interrupt) the cpu, because a certain pin (LCD_VSYNC/PC20?) is
> not connected.
> I don't know if Ben has the same problem. Maybe another type of LCM
> syncs in a different way.
> It's not a showstopper, more of a quality issue when playing movies or games.
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