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Bas Wijnen wijnen at debian.org
Thu Jul 30 14:34:50 EDT 2009

> > > which type of connector would you prefer for the USB host?  Most
> > > devices I have seen use mini-B for USB host function.  The
> > > standard female type A (like on a notebook) is also possible I
> > > guess, but I'm not sure whether it would fit on such a small
> > > device or how it would look like.
> >
> > I will be happy with mini-B, as in Freerunner.
> >
> +1 (due to the place and that weird extension pack idea (would be great to
> have usb testpoints onboard, though ;) )

I would be quite unhappy with mini-B, actually.  The standard says that
standard A or micro-A should be used.  Obviously standard A is way too

I don't care much about which connector is used, and using one that
others use is a good idea in general.  But USB connectors have been
cleverly designed.  It is impossible to blow up your device by
connecting power sources together, because type A connectors are power
sources, while type B connectors are power sinks (users).  The standard
A to mini-B cables are used everywhere, for example to connect card
readers.  It is a very good plug for the USB device function; it is
really bad for the host function.

According to wikipedia the recommendation to use micro-A as host-plug
for small devices (actually for on-the-go devices) is supported by
important parties, which means it will likely become a real standard.  I
don't have enough experience (I haven't ever conciously seen a USB micro
plug) with this type of devices to know if that claim is true, but I
suppose others on the list do.

Anyway, using a plug with which you can blow up your device without
soldering is a very bad idea IMO; even if others do it, too.

Plug issues aside, my wishlist is really only usb host support.  Some
connectivity could be nice, but it can be delivered over USB as far as
I'm concerned.


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