[Company] Weekly Operations Update 43/2009

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at qi-hardware.com
Wed Nov 4 01:29:11 EST 2009


---1 Bas microkernel
Bas Wijnen posted an encouraging update about work on his capabilities
based microkernel

---2 wiki updates
More _serious_ work going on in our wiki, last week over 500 updates alone!
I am particularly happy about the work coming from the National University
of Colombia, documenting the electrical design down to the last capacitor.
This will be very important as we are trying to establish a strong and
flexible hardware design, so both Qi Hardware and others can do lots of
interesting other device types later (phone, wall computer, e-book, etc).

---3 Wi-Fi driver for microSD Wi-Fi card published
Wi-Fi on the Ben NanoNote is now possible, again if someone wants to seriously
look into it please contact Mirko Lindner for the (few) development Wi-Fi
cards we have.

---4 Ingenic updates
We tentatively agreed to do a joint and open reference platform with Ingenic's
upcoming 4760 chip. There are many details that need to be worked on to
fill this idea with life, but it's very encouraging that Ingenic sees the
value the free software community can bring to them.
Ingenic has started to forward-port their BSP to Linux, and
as before we have agreed to help them publishing it on a daily basis via our
indefero projects server at
Still some very ugly things in there, mtdblock-jz.o is back (GPL violation).
Oh well. But at least they are up-leveling, publishing their work, and none
of the serious bad hacks are on purpose, most of it is just lack of knowing
better (the mtdblock-jz.c sources were published long ago).

So much for last week, it's so amazing to get all these pieces together that
other people FREELY provided, and make a full device out of it...

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