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Thu Nov 5 22:36:58 EST 2009


the page 4 and 5 is empty. is that what you want?

no back side. I mean the "reset hole" "usbboot" "serail console", picture show to open the battery cover.

no battery picture

what is the user manual look like?
 one big paper or several pages (like book)

what about a little menu in second page and page number?

Best Regards

Mirko Lindner wrote:
> Hey there,
> after digging into some code I am back to more external things :)
> Right now it is the manual. Since I am scratching my head while
> comparing manuals, I figured I share my task with you :)
> So, here it comes :) What would you be looking for in a manual that
> comes with a device such as the NanoNote?
> So far I have:
> - the usual drawings where you can find what on the device (speaker, kbd
> etc)
> - the specs
> - dos and dont's (some legally required warnings etc)
> - some links that might come in handy
> - the text of the CC-BY-SA 3.0 unported
> - the text of the GPL v3
> Any ideas? Experiences?
> /mirko
> PS: you can see a draft in projects[1] NOTE: some of the graphics are
> only placeholders - hence the bad quality of them, they will be replaced
> later.
> [1]

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