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Florian Fainelli florian at
Mon Nov 9 03:05:47 EST 2009

Hi Lars, Bas,

Le dimanche 8 novembre 2009 21:01:42, Lars-Peter Clausen a écrit :
> > It's probably a good idea to stop everything that isn't used: IPU (or is
> > it used?), UHC, CIM, SADC, SSI, I2C, UART1.  Not sure how much power it
> > saves, but it doesn't bring any gain. :-)
> Yup. Clock managment is currently less then optimal.
> The question is whether the kernel or the bootloader should decide
> which clock to disable?
> I think the best would be to disable everything non essential in the
> bootloader and if a kernel driver needs a clock it should enable it.

That's the way to go. You might want to have a look at the Linux CLK API to do 
that along with clk_enable/clk_disable in drivers. ARM is a good example of 
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