[Company] Weekly Operations Update 44/2009

David Reyes Samblas Martinez david at tuxbrain.com
Wed Nov 11 10:16:20 EST 2009

Hi list
Due this week seems ther is no official news let me do an unofficial
,unconfirmed and with no promises, of what I I saw about Nanonote:P,
please take this as a conversation on a bar , beer at hand and other
empty in the table :)
*NanoNote was presented in "society" in  Ubuntu Install Party at Lleida[1]:
There where about 15-20 assistants at the speach but  when other
Install Party assitants  see little "Benny" on my hands there was
interested or at least smile with bright geeky eyes... and I have only
a terminal on it, so once I configured it to to do something and is
avialable to sell, there will be more than those brighteyed geekys
will fall in temptation of a small cute fully open hackable device :).
At the speach the more remarkable  feedback I receive from attendants
is that they are impressed on the achievement on   Openasmuchasitcanbe
companies  aproach already existed and that have achieved to release
various products on market , Neo FreeRunner and (almost) NanoNote,
WikiReader and than Qi-Harware and the twice impressed about "radical"
Copyleft Hardware aproach of Qi-Hardare and GTA02-core initiative of
sharing the Hardware schemas on desing phase as as source code , using
(AFAIK)all Open tools on the proccess.  Is not worth to say that , the
bright geeky eyes becomes as "Homer Simpson in from of the most
delicious donut of the world" when they saw the Netwalker, but often
followed from an "OUCH!" exclamation after knowing the price, with
NanoNote it doesn't happens ;).

*Kristoffer Ericson creator of JLime GNU/Linux distribution[2]  is
interested to port the userland  to NanoNote, and a device was sended
to him to let start the work and see the results :)

*Javier and others are working on the driver of the spetec wifi card
to make it work on the Ben,

*I also see this and bought this to study posibilities of expansion on Ben:
 and microSDtoUSB[3] adapter lets see how it works on Linux and on Ben.
and micro SDtoSD[4] adapter this is clear it will work :)

*Also had buyed a SDG-810 from Spetec,  it  has not  linux drivers but
I want to know what this hardware echo once pluged,

*Photos on the step of flashing NanoNote[5]:
 adding another  one point of view to the in the discusion on what to
use to short the pads to USB boot, :), someday we will look back and
LOL about it :P

That's all :)

I encourage others to make an informal and brief report of their
progress (or lack of it ) if any in their areas in this thread to have
an an informal report :)


David Reyes Samblas Martinez
Open ultraportable & embedded solutions
Openmoko, Openpandora,  Arduino
Hey, watch out!!! There's a linux in your pocket!!!

2009/11/11 Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang at qi-hardware.com>:
> Hi,
> for last week, lots of small things brewing in the background here and
> there, but nothing newsworthy I think.
> So I just wish everybody a happy week :-)
> Wolfgang
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