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Carlos Camargo cicamargoba at
Thu Nov 19 06:56:09 EST 2009

Hi I'm new with Kicad, I want to know if right now is possible make the
following actions:

1. Using zones for connectivity
2. Auto-route
3. Pads with "special" shape (Annular ring, interdigital, custom image, etc)
4. Auto-Moving wires (Right  now, I'm erasing an existente wire and then I
redraw it)
5. Auto moving wires associated to one via.
6. Blind vias.

There is any person or group working on the above features?
How can we add to add them to Kicad project?
Best Regards

Carlos Iván Camargo Bareño
Profesor Asistente
Departamento de Ingeniería Eléctrica y Electrónica
Universidad Nacional de Colombia
cicamargoba at
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