[Company] Weekly Operations Update 45/2009

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at qi-hardware.com
Thu Nov 19 09:39:51 EST 2009

super late this week, sorry about that...

---1 fscons.org
Mirko went to FSCONS 2009 in Goeteborg, Sweden last weekend, and gave a talk
"Redefining Freedom with Copyleft Hardware" (who would have thought? :-))
He used the event for a lot of networking, people liked our NanoNotes, of
course everybody is asking about software...

---2 some development boards with USB host available
Mirko received 9 NanoNote development boards with additional USB Host
connector and 64 MB RAM in Berlin. If you are interested to hook up
GPS, 3G modem, etc. to the device and want to do some hacking, please
contact Mirko (mirko at qi-hardware.com). Note that we are selling these boards,
price can be refunded when Ya NanoNote comes out.

---3 KiCad
Using free tools for our hardware design is very important for us, starting
with schematics and layout. Two free suites exist, gEDA (www.gpleda.org) and
KiCad. Following gta02-core, we decided to use KiCad.
Carlos team at the University of Bogota, Colombia, made great progress but
they also ran into limitations:
So if you have the ability to help the KiCad project, Carlos has a wishlist
for you :-)
In the next week or two, Adam will try to work with a new PCB maker we
found in Wuhan, China, who produced PCBs originating from KiCad before
(doing projects for www.sparkfun.com).

---4 production delays
Due to bad planning on our end (not knowing about some tax and currency
regulations), we need to redo some of our corporate paperwork, and
most likely this will push back larger production runs by about 4 weeks or so.
On the plus side this also gives us the chance to improve software, keep
polishing the product, and sharpen the focus of our websites and branding
a bit more.

Phew, heavy text, sorry, more going on in various corners but enough
from me for this week...

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