avt2 vs ben charging circuit voltage measurements

Adam Wang adam at qi-hardware.com
Wed Nov 25 04:54:24 EST 2009

Hi Carlos,

After measured charging circuit of SE9016 by using two different battery
voltage; one is 4.12V, the other is 3.82V for test.
I itemized in three rows [1]: No Battery In, 4.12V battery and 3.82V
battery; all those test are under plugging usb power cable firstly.
Either Ben or avt2_RC1[V1.0] sometimes can not boot up from nand when you
plug in usb power cable every time, but after pressing the reset, it can be
bootable. Could you describe more in details that what conditions of can not
charge? My board can be charged when I put battery in for ten times.
Be aware of the board avt2 has reworked on U5, i used a glue to stick and
fix the U5 when i reworked, the reworked one is always not perfect. This
time I didn't measure individual current, I think I can measure them later.

When I see[3], the forward voltage of MSCD104 is not always 0.5V [max. at
IF=1.0A], the voltage depends on how many current flows through, this also
can be approved on [1]. It's Typ. 0.33 at IF = 0.1A.

P.S.: when i measured them, if i didn't put battery well contacted to
battery connector two pins, it won't be charged. because of my pins of
battery connector often crooked by crocodile clip[2]. Sometimes the two pins
are out of position from terminal block.

[3] http://wiki.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Power_Supply_Circuit
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