Marvell 88w8688 Bluetooth issue.

GNAGARAJAN gokulkn at
Thu Nov 26 01:41:11 EST 2009

Hi all,
We are working with the WiFi/BT combo module WM-BG-MR-03 of USI

 We have interfaced this module through UART to the OMAP3530 Processor.
Currently we are facing an issue with the bluetooth interface.

 The device is  not  responding for BCSP/CSR protocol of bluz
utility(hciconfig). When
 we probe the Serial line between the processor and the BT module, we
observed tx
signal toggling in the line. Hence we feel that the initialisation sequence
is issued by the processor, but the BT module is not responding to that.

 We are updating the  firmware using  sd8688_helper.bin and  sd8688.bin.

 running the below commands.

 #hciattach ttyS1 bcsp 115200
 #hciattach ttyS1 csr 115200
#hciattach ttyS1 any

Both the results for above commands is
 "Initialisation timed out".

Please let me know have any used this chip ?

Please support us and also help us to debug.

With regards
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