Marvell 88w8688 Bluetooth issue.

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Thu Nov 26 02:00:48 EST 2009

just curious - why do you think we can help you with that module?
The only thing I know is what I heard from trustworthy sources that there
are _BIG_ problems with the 8688 combo, the Bluetooth part. Some major
customers have evaluated it and then ended up using just the 8686 plus
a BT chip from another company.
So what you are describing is along the lines of what I have heard, but
for more accurate technical support you need to contact Marvell directly,
or your module maker (USI) or module distributor.
That's all I know...

On Thu, Nov 26, 2009 at 12:11:11PM +0530, GNAGARAJAN wrote:
> Hi all,
> We are working with the WiFi/BT combo module WM-BG-MR-03 of USI
> Technologies.
>  We have interfaced this module through UART to the OMAP3530 Processor.
> Currently we are facing an issue with the bluetooth interface.
>  The device is  not  responding for BCSP/CSR protocol of bluz
> utility(hciconfig). When
>  we probe the Serial line between the processor and the BT module, we
> observed tx
> signal toggling in the line. Hence we feel that the initialisation sequence
> is issued by the processor, but the BT module is not responding to that.
>  We are updating the  firmware using  sd8688_helper.bin and  sd8688.bin.
>  running the below commands.
>  #hciattach ttyS1 bcsp 115200
>  #hciattach ttyS1 csr 115200
> #hciattach ttyS1 any
> Both the results for above commands is
>  "Initialisation timed out".
> Please let me know have any used this chip ?
> Please support us and also help us to debug.
> With regards
> Gokul

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