what abt using amazon kindle?

john jptmoore at gmail.com
Sat Nov 28 05:32:06 EST 2009


2009/11/28 Gireesh <sahyagiri at gmail.com>:
> Dear Wolfgang,
>         let me explain what I meant by the kindle. Kindle has hardware as
> well as s.w. The kindle software used gpl code. So the modified code used in
> kindle is made open.
> Kindle can read ebooks. I guess with "voice reader " capability.
> My suggestion was to incorporate it in to nanonote as I said yesterday, to
> use opencourseware in nanonote.

It would be great to eventually have OpenCourseWare type functionality.

Something to look into is the search engine Hyper Estraier. Sometime
back I used this to index and search thousands of PDFs from
OpenCourseWare on a jailbroken iPhone. It should run fine on a
Nanonote. The tricky part might be the interface to the search and
display the PDF. I simply used a web interface which used a form to
cgi to a local webserver (lighttpd) which triggered the PDF viewer. It
would probably be better to provide a custom interface depending on
the interface/gui chosen on the Nanonote. At a worst case, a PDF to
text conversion to display the results might work.


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