what abt using amazon kindle?

Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Sat Nov 28 22:49:55 EST 2009

NC condition just means you can't redistribute that content for profit. Many
would conclude that if you are selling device and its not a markup on the
NC-conditioned content, then its ok.

There are also hacks like having the ocw content as packages downloadable,
or as links, is fine.

There is also plenty of non NC licensed content for education, too.

Jon Phillips

On Nov 28, 2009 7:25 PM, "Wolfgang Spraul" <wolfgang at qi-hardware.com> wrote:


> It would be great to eventually have OpenCourseWare type functionality.
Absolutely, totally agree with you. OCW is one of the top apps on something
like NanoNote I think.
The problem is that a lot of their courses are licensed under non-commercial
licenses. So it makes it hard for someone to legally compile this content
a nice package and sell the package to someone.
The NC attribute removes power from the content reaching end users, because
everybody who handles this data needs to do it for free.
--> Q: Is this true? Can some CC experts comment on that?

But I believe this kind of educational content needs the highest
power possible behind it. And if someone wants to charge money for a microSD
card loaded with OCW content and viewers, that should be possible.

Maybe we can offer OCW courses for download or easy installation (for free
course), that should be allowed...
We will look into this some more, and otherwise hope that slowly more OCW
courses will come without the non-commercial restriction.


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