intro + quickest path to demo'ing nanonote

Xiangfu Liu xiangfu at
Mon Nov 30 04:32:13 EST 2009

Hi Jon Phillips

here is the quake compile by Zear
tar jxvf Quakux.tar.bz2
(plug your Ben NanoNote to your pc)
(change the root password by input "passwd" on Ben)
sudo ifconfig usb0
scp -r Quakux root at
(enter the password)

cd /root/Quakux

Jon Phillips wrote:
> Hi all, I'm rejon: from early days of OpenMoko,
> Creative Commons (, and now also
> You know, I'm into all aspects of Qi? The hardware, the software and
> getting the qi flowing into as many devices as possible.
> First off, I'm curious if anyone has the quickest path, or a url to
> the quickest path to demo'ing something like quake or doom on the lil
> nanonote? While showing off the device with just commandline is cool,
> still running a game speaks somehow louder to the common man or a mom
> ;)
> Let me know please, point out a url, or even better drop some
> knowledge on the public wiki so that I can install a package or
> reflash my nanonote to show off all that is possible here at FOSS.IN
> in Bangalore over DEC 1 - 5.
> Cheers!
> Jon

Xiangfu Liu
Email: xiangfu at qi-hardware dot com

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