Ron's questions

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Mon Oct 12 09:37:22 EDT 2009

let me just answer the questions you wrote up on your wiki talk page here,
I think few people will come across your talk page on the wiki:

rkj 1: is there a firm decision for first commercial units that RAM will be 64 Meg? (I think "yes?") 

No I think the firm decision is to stick with 32 MB for Ben NanoNote.
We will continue to look into the 64 MB chip (we have produced some boards
with it and it works), but there are price, sourcing and production testing
issues that would cause delays.
We rather want to ship a stable product now, and get the most out of 32 MB

rkj 2: (to me) it's not clear whether today alpha NanoNotes can run any
applications, no matter how limited. e.g. Can one edit a file and save it? 

Yes, definitely. Any application. Anything that is already in OpenWrt is
probably the easiest target, I know there is at least Uwe Hermann who is
looking into getting Debian running on the NanoNotes as well.

rkj 3: Is USB host working yet?

The Ben NanoNote will not ship with USB Host. It's another one of those things
like 64 MB RAM where we will continue to look into it, produce more developer
boards that have USB Host (and fit into the NanoNote case).
But we want to ship a stable product now.


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