[Company] Weekly Operations Update 40/2009

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the Pandora is not open hardware, from the lead hw developer:


On Thu, Oct 15, 2009 at 11:45 AM, Wolfgang Spraul
<wolfgang at qi-hardware.com>wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> about last week:
> ---1 work with our manufacturer almost finished
> After going through some final details with our manufacturer and vendors, I
> think we are ready for production of the Ben NanoNote.
> ---2 OpenPandora & WikiReader
> In other 'open hardware' projects, OpenPandora has passed CE testing and
> will
> start their production run soon, and our friends at Openmoko have released
> the WikiReader device. With both of those projects I am actually not sure
> how
> open the hardware design and development process is, I will check it out
> soon.
> The emphasis for our project here at Qi Hardware will remain on a truly
> open
> and collaborative hardware design process, similar to what gta02-core is
> doing. I believe it's the only way to fix the lack of hardware continuity
> in
> consumer electronics.
> Anybody, whether you have an electrical engineering background already or
> are
> interested to learn, is welcome to join our efforts at
> projects.qi-hardware.com/p/board-qi-avt2, or to help with even better
> documentation on our wiki.
> There is little progress all over the place, but I'll post about it when
> it's all done and at a usable point :-)
> cu next week,
> Wolfgang
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