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Maurus Cuelenaere wrote:
> Op 27-10-09 12:55, developer-request at lists.qi-hardware.com schreef
>> Hi
>> I search a little bit about mpd client, seems the 'ncmpd' is fit Ben
>> NanoNote
>> in terminal mode.
>> http://www.openmobilefree.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/ncmpc_1.JPG
>> http://www.openmobilefree.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/ncmpc_2.JPG
>> do you have any advice about the gtk mpd client?
>> here is some info about the mpd client
>> MPD Client
>> -------------------------------------------------------------
>> Ario
>>     A GTK2 client for MPD (Music player daemon).
>>          Ario is a GTK2 client for MPD (Music player daemon).
>>          The interface used to browse the library is inspired by
>>          Rhythmbox but Ario aims to be much lighter and faster.
>>          Ario runs on both Linux and
>>          Microsoft Windows operating systems.
>> plasma-mpc 0.3
>>     Requirements:
>>     ? Running MPD server
>>     ? MPC ( MPD command line client)
>>     ? Running KDE4 Session + Plasma
>> Quimup 0.3.5
>>          Requirements:  ? Qt
>>          Quimup software is a client for the music player daemon
>>          (MPD) written in C++ and QT3.
>>          The clean interface makes controlling MPD's many features
>> easy and intuitive.
>>          The focus is on mouse handling:
>>             playlist management is done entirely by drag-&-drop;
>>     playback functions are directly accessible from
>>     the system tray. Quimup turns MPD into a perfect desktop music
>> player.
>> MGC
>>     Requirements: ? GTK+ 2.4 or higher
>>     MGC is a small GTK2 MPD client written in C.
>>     It's pretty simple, as it only shows buttons to control MPD,
>>     so it goes quite well with for example torsmo on the desktop to
>> show MPD's info,
>>     and MGC to control it. It doesn't use up much memory,
>>     and it's pretty fast, because it's written in C.
>> skMpd
>>     Requirements: ? SuperKaramba
>>     skMpd is a Music Player Daemon (mpd) client for superkaramba. This
>> is my first one.
>>     If you have any comment, I would like to have them. Thanks.
>> Sido
>>     A mini MPD client
>>     Sido is a mini GTK+ application that discretely fits into your
>>     freedesktop system tray (such as trayer). Its purpose is to remote
>>     control MPD (Music Player Daemon) and monitor its status.
>>     Sido should run on any POSIX operating system, having a
>> freedesktop aware trayer.
>> Evad
>>     Evad is a text-based client to the powerful MPD music server.
>>     It is written in Python and curses,
>>     it is heavily inspired by the similar ncmpc client that I have
>> been using for a few years.
>>     Ncmpc, however, is barely maintained nowadays, and I was lacking a
>> few
>>     functions that I wanted. Therefore development of Evad started,
>>     and it incorporates many of the design ideas that ncmpc has,
>>     but with those extra features that just make life easier.
>>     Requirements: ? ncurses ? Python 2.5 and above
>> here is a mail form Mirko Vogt about the Ario:
>> Hey Xiangfu,
>> I know ario a bit as I was using it for some time.
>> By default it's represented in 2 cols (1st col is splitted in 3 rows
>> (artist, album, title)), 2nd is representing the library.
>> It's quite usable on resolutions>= 800x600 by default.
>> However without special skins or a compact view (which I may have
>> overlooked) or patching the GUI (maybe you did) I don't get the
>> main-window smaller than 552x311 which looks for like this:
>> http://nanl.de/foo/ario.png  .
>> Don't get me wrong - I appreciate having a nice full-featured gtk2-based
>> mpd-client ported to OpenWrt.
>> However without adjustments I don't believe it will be usable on the Ben
>> with its resolution of 320x240px - at least the version I tested with
>> factory settings.
>> Greetings
> Rockbox is a firmware written for DAPs (Digital Audio Players), but can
> also be compiled as simulators (which run on SDL).

SDL means: Simple DirectMedia Layer http://www.libsdl.org, right?
sdl need X11. so it's a little hard to port to ben NanoNote.

for their website:
What platforms does it run on?
    * Uses X11 for video display, taking advantage of XFree86 DGA extensions and 
      new MTRR acceleration for fullscreen display.
    * Uses the OSS API for sound.
    * Threads are implemented using either the clone() system call and SysV IPC, 
      or glibc-2.1 pthreads.

> There are some ideas for RaaA (Rockbox as an Application) and someone
> has ported a simulator for Motorola phones IIRC, so perhaps this could
> be useful? (Rockbox runs on devices with resolutions ranging from 112x64
> to 640x480; including charcell, monochrome and colour targets).
> Regards,
> Maurus Cuelenaere

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