[Company] Weekly Operations Update 35/2009

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at qi-hardware.com
Tue Sep 1 05:11:16 EDT 2009

last week was quiet, for most people summer is more attractive
than open whatever, understandably... :-)
Still, some important little things were discussed and decided:

---1 dip switch for USB boot
First we thought about the USB booting only to make the device
totally unbrickable (the CPU supports USB boot).
But then we had a discussion last week on the list that some
developers might want to stay in that mode for a while, or people
might want to operate the device or board in a client-server config.
After some back and forth we decided to try a dip switch on Adam's
next small run. See what people think, then decide whether to adopt
it for the Ya NanoNote.

---2 GUI
Talked about Qt vs. GTK and framebuffer vs. X. We believe we first want
to optimize this device for CLI - command line interface :-)
Yes! lynx as our launcher, and for offline Wikipedia, and other cool apps...
We first want to get the peripherals stable, optimize boot time and
power consumption, optimize ncurses and lynx.
In parallel people can be experimenting with GUIs they like, framebuffer
will work, and once the device has more RAM (Ya?) I'm sure everybody
can get the GUI they want...

---3 distributors
Two distributors showed some initial interest in carrying the NanoNotes,
that's a good start and we will continue to work hard to make our device
more attractive.
If you are interested in carrying it in your country, please come forward.
We do want to sell them worldwide, and have as good as possible local
shipping and service options.

---4 some FPGA fun
The idea of adding a small FPGA chip (Lattice XP2-5 or -8) to a future
NanoNote keeps turning heads.
So I did some reading and came across this presentation
Flip through for some interesting first thoughts on Linux & FPGAs...

More next week, some things cooking in certification, prototypes, etc.

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