Ben NanoNote Internals

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Fri Sep 4 02:11:07 EDT 2009



Yes! Thanks a lot. Our cute little NanoNote in Colombia, very cool...
I scaled all pictures to 800x600 for easier and faster viewing on screen,
hope you don't mind. Also, I was looking for a nice directory indexing
option to auto-generate thumbnails, but couldn't find anything.
Some PHP solutions exist...

On a related issue, we had our second server outage yesterday, this time
for a total of 2 hr and 25 minutes :-(
We knew about the crash within minutes, but it took that long to restart
the machine... We are currently working on moving to a bigger dedicated
server. Unfortunately since we don't know the root cause of the crash
yet, there may be more outages until we have it all under control.
Bear with us, thanks for your patience...


On Thu, Sep 03, 2009 at 06:38:01AM -0500, Carlos Camargo wrote:
> Hi
> Here [1] you can find some photos of Ben.
> Carlos
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> Carlos Iván Camargo Bareño
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> Departamento de Ingeniería Eléctrica y Electrónica
> Universidad Nacional de Colombia
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