Software Status

Xiangfu Liu xiangfu at
Sun Sep 6 21:48:05 EDT 2009

the software status, the tasks I think are not finished.
feel free to give advice on this.

  boot menu
    boot from nand
    boot from SD card

we think about the u-boot. it's big and functionally. 
we want use a most simple one. just load the kernel and boot.
what do you think about this? keep u-boot or replace u-boot?
the new bootloader we want 
  1-[boot from nand] 
  2-[boot from SD-card]
  3-[easy to configure kernel cmdline]
  4-[easy choose 1 or 2]

  usb subsystem not test
  sound driver  
  lcd have some bug. the display is not correct
  keyboard, some combination key not work
  poweron/off key not work
  suspend system. auto poweroff.

  add mpd/mpc audio player, not test since sound driver not work.

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