some updates "from behind the scenes"

Mirko Vogt lists at
Tue Sep 8 08:59:17 EDT 2009

Yeah, it behaves as normal when doing a "normal" boot.

All in all I just noticed, that the LCM just doesn't keep dark (but
turning white) when switching the device on and the usbboot-pins are
short circuited.

When power cycling the NanoNote, without having the usbboot-pins short
circuited, the LCM behaves as normal (uboot shows up, then the kernel,


On Tue, 2009-09-08 at 14:48 +0800, Yi Zhang wrote:
> Mirko,
> On 2009-9-7, at 下午11:15, Mirko Vogt wrote:
> >  - the new LCM switches on (and is fading into white) when going into
> > USB-boot-mode (the AUO didn't)
> Does LCD remain white, or does it go back to normal after LCD driver  
> has loaded?
> Yi
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