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Tue Sep 8 11:58:24 EDT 2009

On Tue, 2009-09-08 at 08:48 -0400, Wolfgang Spraul wrote:
> Mirko,
> Let me just go through...
will do the same :)
> >  - the qi-hardware-bezels on top are not really fixed [1]
> On you picture it seems like it is really coming off quite easily.
> On my prototype it is not. How is your bezel attached to the top cover?
> Not at all? Glue? Do you have that little slider to open the device?
> In my device the slider also prevents the bezel from coming off.
Yes, it came off quiet easily. For me, it's fixed with a bit of glue and
somehow clipped on, but can be pushed off quiet easily from the bottom
(it happened to me, when I used the slider and wanted to open the
NanoNote - that way I pushed off the bezel from the bottom).
> >  - the new LCM switches on (and is fading into white) when going into
> > USB-boot-mode (the AUO didn't)
> I tested this here on my prototype, same batch of 20 as yours, and I
> cannot reproduce it. Are you using the Giantplus LCM with the 1GB or
> 2GB board? Maybe it was some setting in the LCM from your driver work?
> Is this reproducible to you? Yi already asked - can you still use the
> LCM later or will it remain unusable?
> Please let me know if you want us to look deeper into this.
The display does not get any data to show while being in usbboot-mode -
that's normal and ok.
To me the only thing which differs is, that the Giantplus-display is
enabled (powered on) by default, while the AUO wasn't.
And because of missing data it just fades to white. In normal use (not
usbboot-mode) everything is fine, because uboot successfully initializes
and send data to the display.
> >  - the new prototype makes weird high-frequency sounds when connected to
> > the serial console but not to power
> >  - when power-cycling the NanoNote too fast (which happens for me when I
> > flashed and now wanna try it out which results in plugging usb out and
> > in) it does not react anymore at all - you have to remove power several
> > seconds to get it booting again
> Those 2 are strange. You see this only with the black Qi design prototypes?
> Or also with the older 1GB boards? Both cases also seem a bit rare to me,
> so I will wait whether we see a pattern or believe this is important before
> taking further actions. Please let me know.
I noticed this high-frequency sound just on my (new) prototype.
This "not reacting"-issue after unplugging and plugging power too fast,
I experienced on _all_ devices I tried (same with lars').
> >  - the NAND (old and new one) can be erased 5k times - in contrast the
> > NAND-chip within the Openmoko Freerunner has about 100k erase-cycles
> Interesting. Where does the 5k and 100k number come from?
> I looked in the NanoNote NAND datasheet, and the revision history says
> "10K->5K" and then "5K->TBD". Now it says TBD. I'm not sure whether this
> is just a 'paper value' because of warranty concerns, or whether it's a
> real 'low endurance' NAND chip. Both the NanoNote and FreeRunner use
> NAND chips from Samsung, and the one in the NanoNote is a relatively
> recent chip. So I hope they improved technology, not made it worse :-)
> I think we need to find a real NAND expert to tell us how real those
> numbers are and which chip we could switch to for higher endurance.
The "5k"-value came from the published datasheet for the 1GB-NAND. It
isn't mentioned within the sheet for the 2GB-one, however the 5k-value
for the 2GB-chip was mentioned somewhere else.
> >  - still having the "boot-reliable-from-sdcard"-issues
> Hmm. That's strange. Please keep me posted, especially if you think
> it's a chip or HW design issue.
We will do.
> Still, all sounds encouraging, congratulations for the great progress!
Thanks :)
> Wolfgang
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