[Company] Weekly Operations Update 36/2009

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at qi-hardware.com
Tue Sep 8 21:24:24 EDT 2009

last week in the land of Qi...

---1 updated Ingenic documentation
Ingenic gave us explicit permission to redistribute a number of their
manuals without NDA. They have also spent a lot of time updating their
documentation in recent months.
The agreement right now is to distribute the manuals upon by request by
email, and not put them on a server. While this is a bit strange to me,
others like Samsung are doing this as well so I cannot really complain.
It's a step forward. I will continue to lobby Ingenic for better support
of the free software community, such as putting CC-BY-ND licensed PDF
files right on their server.
Still, as of right now, we got the following updated manuals (SIMD is
still missing, working on it...):

XBurst Microprocessor Core, Rev 1.0, Apr 2007, 62 pages
Jz4725B Data Sheet, Rel July 7, 2009, 37 pages
Jz4725B Programming Manual, Julz 14, 2009, 529 pages
Jz4720 Data Sheet, Rev 1, Jun 2008, 37 pages
Jz4740 Data Sheet, Jun 2007, 35 pages
Jz4740 Programming Manual, July 22, 2009, 539 pages
Jz4750 Data Sheet, Apr 2009, 40 pages
Jz4750L Data Sheet, July 17, 2009, 37 pages
Jz4750L Programming Manual, July 14, 2009, 570 pages
Jz4755 Data Sheet, July 7, 2009, 33 pages
Jz4755 Programming Manual, Jul 22, 2009, 732 pages

If you need any of them, please email me. Also, I ask everybody I email
the documentation to to respect Ingenic's wish that it not be put on a
server right now.
I think this is a big step forward, and will also help other projects
using Ingenic chips, such as dingux, emqbit or openinkpot.

---2 NanoNote FCC test failed
Our first shot at FCC certification for the NanoNote failed, see
This is unfortunate and will cause delays in our schedule. By how much we
don't know yet. In hindsight we should have started the certification
process earlier, now we are all trying to fix the issue and get back
on track...

---3 new activity on projects.qi-hardware.com
We are a bit slow in bringing up more features of our indefero installation
at projects.qi-hardware.com, such as commitlog, svn repositories (only git
supported right now), etc. Still, Bas and Carlos have started putting serious
projects on it and that's very welcome.
We will offer free hosting for any GPL-licensed kicad or geda projects on
our server, to everybody. Plus any software projects related to Qi or Qi
affiliated devices. Email me to create a new project, that's one of the
things that is not automated yet...

--4 gta02-core-news
Over at our sister project gta02-core, Alvaro Lopez started a blog to track
what's going on at the gta02-core mailing list.
If something major happens over there I will also mention it here in my
weekly update.

So much for now,

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