some updates "from behind the scenes"

Xiangfu Liu xiangfu at
Tue Sep 8 23:27:52 EDT 2009

Mirko Vogt wrote:
> Hello qi! :)
> Long time no news, but now some updates - as Wolfgang said: "from
> behind the scenes"; what happened on "our" side in keywords.
> == Hardware
> We got new prototypes with 2 GB NAND / new LCM - some things we noticed
> (some amy not be relevant - but wanted to have them mentioned):
>  - as Xiang Fu already mentioned, parts of the display are partially
> hidden by the case (in my case - the first pixel-column on the left
> respective the first pixel-row on the bottom).
>  - the qi-hardware-bezels on top are not really fixed [1]
>  - the new LCM switches on (and is fading into white) when going into
> USB-boot-mode (the AUO didn't)
>  - the new prototype makes weird high-frequency sounds when connected to
> the serial console but not to power
>  - when power-cycling the NanoNote too fast (which happens for me when I
> flashed and now wanna try it out which results in plugging usb out and
> in) it does not react anymore at all - you have to remove power several
> seconds to get it booting again
>  - keyboard and serial-console are partially sharing their pins, so for
> now _either_ the full keyboard can be used _or_ the serial console

I have enable the serial console. then the serial console and keyboard 
both work. the S58(shift) S59(alt) S60(FN) keys work just fine.

both work, don't know why.

>  - the NAND (old and new one) can be erased 5k times - in contrast the
> NAND-chip within the Openmoko Freerunner has about 100k erase-cycles
> == Software
>  - OpenWrt is (still) running (with a really nice bootsplash - made with
> love and passion [2])
>  - still having the "boot-reliable-from-sdcard"-issues
>  - 1GB as well as 2GB NAND chips are working
>  - display- and framebuffer driver are written from scratch and working
>  - keyboard is working in general (however we experienced some
> kbd-issues with recent A1-devices - key-combinations to get special
> characters inserted needs some more work, too)
>  - you have to erase the NAND (<nand erase> in u-boot will do the job)
> before flashing a jffs2-image (this may either be fixed in jffs2-code or
> getting the flash-tools to erase the blocks after the jffs2-EOF-marker)
> - also there exist some more ECC-problems
> == misc
>  - Ignacio should have got a Ben NanoNote - have fun! :) Hopefully you
> can help us with getting this sd-card-issue fixed
> These were just a few keywords - in case you want some more verbose
> output please let us know :)
> Happy hacking!
> mirko (vogt)

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