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Wed Sep 9 02:11:05 EDT 2009

On Wed, Sep 9, 2009 at 10:35 AM, Wolfgang Spraul
<wolfgang at qi-hardware.com>wrote:

> Rakshat,
> > Does this mean it may be possible to Host a mirror of GTA-core files on
> your
> > server?
> Oh sure, gta02-core is totally in line with our copyleft hardware ideals.
> In fact Werner started a good part of it!
> However, I think the gta02-core project is perfectly fine where it is
> located
> now, inside the openmoko.org server farm. The management of openmoko.orgis
> 100% in the hands of the community now, and I think it's being taken care
> of
> very well.
> What data do you want to mirror?

 I know their svn in on openmoko.org. I was just thinking if it would be ok
for qi-hardware to also host cloned copy of their svn tree (synced say
weekly) as a backup incase openmoko.org is down sometime.

The other reason I had for this was that it will also give more publicity to
the GTA core project as currently it is not very easy to explain to new
people (as in those who were not already following Openmoko activities -
like those who don't know both Werner and you were at openmoko and are very
much in contact). But it fits in very neatly with the qi-hardware philosphy
and a developer after reading your website will easily understand it.

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