first thoughts re Nanonote

Ron K. Jeffries rjeffries at
Wed Sep 9 12:18:31 EDT 2009

THANKS to Michael Shilo and Steve Mosher
I temporarily have a Nanonote (with
original keyboard and software).

Thursday night Sep 10 I'll share NN with
Santa Barbara Linux User Group, which
includes a developer for the original
SLUG porting efforts on Linksys NSLU.

a few thoughts, 1/10th baked at best:

> NN could be a great tool for kids
   to learn programming.

> Don't ignore the possibility of a
    completely open PDA. My Palm V
    served me well for many years.
    NN does NOT require a service contract
    that's a huge deal.

> [future] Touch sensitive screen would
    be a huge win.

> [future] adding an FPGA would be a
   significant differentiator.

> [just noodling] NN and Ardurino
   might (??) be used together in creative ways

Ron K. Jeffries
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