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Hi Carlosm

Le jeudi 10 septembre 2009 05:12:30, Carlos Camargo a écrit :
> Hi
> As you know, we are planning add a FPGA to the new Nano. I want to start a
> discussion about what is the best family for nano, what I care about is:
> Power consumption
Actel is afair the leader on that specific topic, but with much smaller FPGAs.

> Size
If talking about PCB size, Lattice also provides really small BGA-packaged 
FPGAs (like 5x5 mm),

> Free tools for programming / configuration

As far as I know, only Xilinx provides free tools for Linux. Lattice and 
Altera do for Windows, but for Linux.

> Price

> Available logic, RAM, multipliers, etc
> At present I'm using Xilinx Spartan 3E FPGAs, but I don't have enough
> experience with Altera, or Lattice, Can you please talk us about your
> experiences with Lattice and Altera FPGAs?
> Best Regards
> Carlos

Best regards, Florian Fainelli
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