qi-avt2 new features

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at qi-hardware.com
Thu Sep 10 02:22:35 EDT 2009

thanks a lot for the suggestions, I added them to the (growing) list at

I encourage you, and everybody else, to read through the whole list at
that page. Hardware it not as configurable as software. Not nearly ;-)
So we cannot possibly build the Ya NanoNote with all good ideas that
have already been discussed and will be discussed going forward.

Instead, I think we need to look at the whole list and find a really
neat and functional subset, and keep the device open enough to be taken
in all those directions that weren't possible 'off the shelf'.
Maybe others can build derivative versions of the device? Any suggestions
to make this easier are also very welcome, such as your suggestion to
use QFP/QFN packaging instead of BGA or COB.

Anyway, thanks a lot for your feedback, keep it coming...

On Mon, Sep 07, 2009 at 05:58:13PM -0500, Carlos Camargo wrote:
> I was thinking about new qi-avt2 features, specially power consumption and
> SDRAM memory size.
> 1. The current design qi-avt2 use a keyboard that use a whole layer, We will
> use this space if we use a capacitive keyboard with a cypress controller, In
> the past we use [1], with our ARM board and we program the cypress chip with
> the processor GPIOs. Whit this, we have enough space to place another SDRAM
> chip on qi-avt2, and we will have up to 128MB of SDRAM, enough for many
> applications.
> 2. I prefer use a light sensor for controlling the LCD brightness and detect
> if the device is close.
> 3. I was thinking in the possible use of a FPGA in the design, I think that
> this FPGA would provide some peripherals like PWMs, for servo controlling,
> There are an open project that we can use with it [2]. Or drive an analog
> acquisition card for experiments like [3]
> [1] http://m8cutils.sourceforge.net/
> [2] http://playerstage.sourceforge.net/
> [3] http://www.vernier.com/physics/
> Carlos
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