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Hi All,

    To my point :
1. the capability : this decide how large project you can put into the FPGA.
1.1 the lattice XP2-5 's is 5k
1.2 the Xilinx XC3S250E is 5 k
1.3 I think 5K is a good start point for us.

2. the price, the size , the power consume, and etc.
2.1 the Lattice's XP2 serial FPGA can be used directorily. No another
config FLASH is needed.
2.2 the Xilinx, the Altera's FPGA need another config FLASH to work
together. So it need more size, more power consume.
2.3 the Lattice is small then the Xillinx and Altera, so the price is
good than the other two.
2.4. the Lattice is famous supplier for China military, early than the
other two, and most military device use lattice now( As I know, in
Xi'An). So the quality is good enough.

So, the remain thing is : what should we put into the FPGA ? we will
have to decide what capability the FPGA should have.

2009/9/10 Carlos Camargo <cicamargoba at>:
> Hi
> As you know, we are planning add a FPGA to the new Nano. I want to start a
> discussion about what is the best family for nano, what I care about is:
> Power consumption
> Size
> Free tools for programming / configuration
> Price
> Available logic, RAM, multipliers, etc
> At present I'm using Xilinx Spartan 3E FPGAs, but I don't have enough
> experience with Altera, or Lattice, Can you please talk us about your
> experiences with Lattice and Altera FPGAs?
> Best Regards
> Carlos
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> Carlos Iván Camargo Bareño
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> Departamento de Ingeniería Eléctrica y Electrónica
> Universidad Nacional de Colombia
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