Manuals (Re: [Company] Weekly Operations Update 36/2009)

W.G. van de Hulst suyckerbol at
Thu Sep 10 05:44:19 EDT 2009

2009/9/10, Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang at>:
>> I wait with bated breath...
> I apologize for asking, but I need some new ways to prey them open. What
> do you plan to do with the SIMD Manual? Do you want to do some hacking?
That remark was equally in jest. It's nice to have those instructions,
but not essential.

> open source? Where is your project/source codes?
I was thinking about Rockbox to get my feet wet. That project has its
own web site. In fact I'm searching for something even smaller and
simpler still, such as Contiki or Nuttx to minimize the amount of C
code and to get as far as possible away from the usual red tape.

> You never know. It's messy. I asked the CEO of Ingenic about the 4757 on
> your behalf, and he was laughing. They did that chip for one big customer
> who wanted to have their own chip.
Next time tell them I will be deeply honored if they use the name of a
certain ancient Dutch delicacy rather than a random number such as
4758 or 4759.

> I would say let's focus on the open devices in our hands, from my
> perspective primarily the NanoNote of course, rather than to second
> guess every chip variant Ingenic has made here or there.
The number suggested a certain progression towards 4760, the one I really want.

> What we need is a unified and recent Linux kernel and rootfs that runs
> on as many Ingenic-based devices as possible.
I understand Linux is important, but not to me.

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