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Hi All

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> Hi All,
>    To my point :
> 1. the capability : this decide how large project you can put into the
> 1.1 the lattice XP2-5 's is 5k
> 1.2 the Xilinx XC3S250E is 5 k
> 1.3 I think 5K is a good start point for us.
At present I'm working with Xilinx XCS250E, I agree is a good starting
point, with enough capacity for many applications.

> 2. the price, the size , the power consume, and etc.
> 2.1 the Lattice's XP2 serial FPGA can be used directorily. No another
> config FLASH is needed.
> 2.2 the Xilinx, the Altera's FPGA need another config FLASH to work
> together. So it need more size, more power consume.

I disagree, I'm using a Xilinx FPGA and ARM (ATMEL) processor right now, The
processor configure the FPGA using the 4 JTAG lines and xc3sprog [1], so, we
store the FPGA configuration file in SD card, and I change this file at any
moment. This board has access to internet, so I can reconfigure the FPGA

The Xilinx Spartan 3AN family have an internal SPI serial flash, so we can
use it for store the configuration file.


So, the remain thing is : what should we put into the FPGA ? we will
> have to decide what capability the FPGA should have.

This is a good point, As i said, I think that the FPGA will be useful for
control many servos for robotic applications, or controlling an analog
acquisition card.


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