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Hola Ignacio

> The lowest power I know are actualy CPLDs (coolrunner by Xilinx). That
> means they have non-volatile configuration and have less logic resources as
> compared to FPGAs.

But, the logic capacity is very low, but may be enough for some

> 1- Connector (huge if you want to make all those I/O pins useful).
> 2- A CPLD to connect the FPGA programming interface to the SoC.
> 3- Power regulators (for example, Spartan 6 use 1.2V core voltage), and
> possibly power management circuitry too to save power when no in use.
> The CPLD is not necessary, as I said before you can use some processor GPIO
pins for JTAG programming.

And no matter what FPGA/connector you choose you won't fullfill the needs of
> all the potential users, which I believe will be anyway a minority in the
> whole user base.

I agree, I think that if place an internal connector with D0-D15, A0-A14,
RD, WR, CSX, and some GPIOs many people (like me ) can build his own boards
with any CPLD.

The USB port idea is very good, we can design some reference boards, for use


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