Lattice or Xilinx

Ignacio García Pérez iggarpe at
Thu Sep 10 10:25:53 EDT 2009

> I agree, adding a FPGA is not an easy work, is necessary add an external
> connector with many pins, I like your idea, similar to David Reyes
> sugestion. If we using Nano as brain, and enable some ports for external
> use, like I2C, SPI, USB host, we can design a lot of interesting
> applications.
> I think that a good Idea woul be make accessible the data, address and
> control processor bus, so, the people can build custom boards with any FPGA.

That would still require a huge connector with a lot of pins. I can't think
of an application where USB or SPI (I've driven it sometimes at 25MHz) would
not suffice.

(Well, actually I can, but if one wants to build something with such a high
bandwidth requirement to the CPU, you're better off using an embedded
computer instead of a NN).

Un saludo.
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