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On Fri, Sep 11, 2009 at 3:26 AM, Carlos Camargo <cicamargoba at>wrote:

> HI
> I'm working with my custom JZ4725 board, I'm using linux with
> g_serial driver. I can run one console on /dev/ttygserial, so, we don't need
> any USB/serial cable right now.

I think it means USB driver works.

g_serial driver only work after this kernel module loaded, so it maybe
cann't work when you debugging kernel.
But it's Ok, if you focus on application level.

> I can't find the application getty on openwrt, I've already used mgetty,
> but it doesn't work. I try with an openembedded distro, this distro provide
> getty so, I can use it to enable the USB serial console.
> Is possible add getty to openwrt?
I found a 'megetty' .

kzj at kzj-desktop:~/project/openwrt-x-burst/scripts$ ./feeds search getty
Search results in feed 'packages':
mgetty                       A data/fax solution for your analog modem

maybe you can try it.

> Best Regards
> Carlos
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