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I've already had two chumbies, This kit have the same chumby components,
without case. We make some products based on cumby, the only available port
is the USB host. I remember that one frequent petition  on chumb's list was
the posiiblitity of buy one chumby without case.

I think that Nano can use this idea, for some products, we don't need the
keyboard, LCD or case, just the CPU, as use it as device's brain (as Ignacio
suggested some days ago), Nano can provide some hardware reference projects
for different applications for example one USB dongle with analog ports, or
one FPGA with many PWM for robotics, etc


On Fri, Sep 11, 2009 at 5:05 PM, Michael Shiloh <michaelshiloh1010 at gmail.com
> wrote:

> another open source hardware thing. might be good to form an alliance.
> many of you probably know about chumby - the inventor, bunnie huang, is a
> good friend of sean's.
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> Subject:        Rare Kit-Form Chumbys Inbound to the Maker Shed
> Date:   Sat, 12 Sep 2009 07:53:46 +1000
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> Dear Loyal Maker Shed Customer,
> During the last Maker Faire, we unveiled a truly unique product in the
> Maker Shed store — an actual Chumby in kit form. The open–source Chumby
> is Linux–based with plenty of widgets already coded. Produced and
> packaged expressly for Maker Shed by Chumby, the kit contained
> everything you need to build your own Chumby or to hack it into into a
> form factor of your own choosing, including an accelerometer, 3.5"
> touchscreen LCD, USB WiFi dongle, 3 USB 2.0 ports, and a powerful
> motherboard. The price was just $99. We sold out within 3 hours.
> Through a special arrangement with our good friends at Chumby, we have
> managed to acquire another small quantity of these rare Chumby Kits.
> These kits are presently en route from the factory and we expect them to
> sell out in record time. And so I thought "why not make them available
> exclusively to our very best and most loyal Maker Shed customers first,
> before offering them for sale to the public?" Think of it as our way of
> thanking you for your patronage.
> This is an exclusive invitation to pre-order your own kit-form Chumby
> for just $99. To review product details and pre-order, please visit this
> unpublished Maker Shed link.
> <http://makermedia.createsend.com/t/r/l/ddluih/yduitkhlh/y>
> Again, this is a special offer that we are making first to our very best
> customers. There is a limit of 3 kits per customer, and when they're
> gone, they're gone. I'll try to get more, but I cannot guarantee that
> we'll see these again.
> All The Best,
> Dan
> Dan Woods
> General Manager, Maker Shed
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