Ben NanoNote booting

Carlos Camargo cicamargoba at
Sun Sep 13 08:42:52 EDT 2009

hi adam, good job. i want one new board :).
when finish all tests, please check the kicad brd file. we want that
the next board will be designed in kicad. we've already uploaded pcb
and footprints files, all components placed, and remove a lot of test


On 9/13/09, Bas Wijnen <wijnen at> wrote:
> Hi,
> Last week, I received my Ben prototype (thanks Mirko!).  Now I want to
> make it boot Iris.  Preferably I don't want to install it on an SD card.
> That should be possible, right?  Under the battery are two pads which
> say that the device uses "usb boot" when they are closed.  I'll probably
> solder them closed.  However, my first attempt to close them with a
> screwdriver while powering up didn't make anything special happen.
> Also, my system logs don't show anything about new devices being plugged
> in.
> The wiki says something about a "usbboot" utility which is part of the
> openwrt tree(?)  I'll probably be adjusting it so it will boot Iris
> instead of Linux.
> Summarizing, what I would prefer is the easiest possible way to boot a
> new system from my main computer on the Ben.  Best would be if it can be
> triggered by a command on the main computer.  Also good would be to
> power-cycle the Ben.  Not so good would be if the cable needs to be
> replugged.  Still worse would be to write every image to an SD card
> before it can be booted.
> I have no problem at all if the USB cable needs to be connected
> continuously.  Eventually that isn't good of course, but now I'm only
> developing.
> Thanks,
> Bas

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