Couple of quick observations on the Ben NanoNote

Xiangfu Liu xiangfu at
Tue Sep 15 02:58:26 EDT 2009

Lars-Peter Clausen wrote:
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> Michael Shiloh wrote:
>> Yes, please do. To me, that would be a requirement.
>> As I told Steve last night: I'm a hard-core command line Linux
>> geek, and I know there are many like us. Not enough to support a
>> business, but enough to be the early users and evangelists.
>> If I had USB networking I would immediately have copied my
>> calendar, todo list, and shopping lists, all of which are plain
>> text, into the Ben. With vi and a command line, that's all I need.
>> Any chance you could do this this week? I'm showing the Ben at
>> GadgetOff next week, and it would be great.
>> Then onwards towards total victory!
>> Michael
> Hi Michael
> It's already done :)


> If you don't want to build your own kernel you'll have to wait for
> Xiangfu to upload a new image, though.

Xiangfu, if you can do this within a day or two, I'll wait for yours, 
otherwise, I'll start setting up a kernel build tree.

  yes. I will try to upload the new kernel today. 
  now. I am try to fix the patch error. 

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