64MB RAM chip for Ya NanoNote

Adam Wang adam at qi-hardware.com
Tue Sep 15 04:17:07 EDT 2009


Wolfgang Spraul wrote:
> Adam,
> (Carlos already went to sleep in Colombia, so I am posting his suggestion
> from jabber here...)
> Carlos said it might be relatively easy to upgrade the SDRAM chip on our
> board to this one to get 64 MB memory:
> http://www.micron.com/products/partdetail?part=MT48LC32M16A2P-75
this micron's part is 8 Meg * 16 * 4 banks = 512Mbit, should use 15 
wiring addressing (A0~A12, A13/A14) to manage 4 banks, so this is 32M 
for 16 bits data line.
of course it can be configured 64M but for 8 bits length = 16 Meg * 8 * 
4 banks,
> Do you think it will work?
> Can we use it as a drop-in replacement on AVT2, or do you have to make
> changes?
 From the jz4720 datasheet, it shpws A0~A14 can be used as for SDRAM, so 
MT48LC32M16A2P should be drop-in for 32M for 16 bits data line.
But A15 pin(PB15) will be as for NAND flash command latch if using nand, 
so this is the jz4720's limitation on pin allocation.

if find a 64M for 16 bits data line, it can not replace directly on 
avt2's design, have to make change; like Ingenic's reference design to 
use dual 32M SDRAM with
extra two GPIOs to allocate and assign the UDQM/LDQM pins of SDRAM, and 
then can reach 64M capacity.
> Wolfgang
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