some more updates from the software part

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Sun Sep 20 21:13:50 EDT 2009

Wooow! All of this sounds great, congratulations!
What I am trying to do right now is a commit-log mailing list for the InDefero
git & svn repositories so it becomes easier to track progress as it happens
and start testing.
After that I probably need to look into automatic builds with images and
package repository on our servers.
Your news are definitely motivating here!

On Mon, Sep 21, 2009 at 12:44:26AM +0200, Mirko Vogt wrote:
> Hey!
> As Wolfgang is doing since the beginning, from now on I also will try to
> summarize what's going on "behind the scenes" (the
> software-/OpenWrt-part) in weekly updates.
> So let's see what happened last days:
> USB-Ethernet-Gadget is working.
> You're now able to speak ethernet, and therefore IP, to your Ben
> Nanonote via USB.
> That's really cool, because now all the network-stuff can be used which
> simplifies lot's of things (e.g. SSH into the NanoNote, copying files,
> etc.)
> Lars found out the used NAND-chip is a multilevel-chip that has to be
> treated by the flash-tools in a special way which should fix most of our
> previous ECC-NAND-chip-problems.
> OpenZIM, an opensource implementation for handling ZIM-files which
> mainly provide wiki-articles (e.g. the wikipedia), it's dependencies and
> lynx as first webbrowser are ported to OpenWrt! This way the Ben
> NanoNote can be used as offline wikipedia reader.
> All of them need some more cleanups but will be committed soon.
> Unfortunately the amount of RAM (32MB) of the Ben limits applications
> like OpenZIM, so they'll need some more tweaking to get them running
> smoothly.
> Thanks to Lars and Xiang Fu Sound (based on ALSA) and keyboard are now
> supported, also work is going on to get the battery driver cleaned up /
> improved (thanks to JieJing Zhang).
> In addition there's now a driver for the internally used real time clock
> - also written by lars.
> Things are moving :)
> mirko

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