[Company] Weekly Operations Update 38/2009

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at qi-hardware.com
Tue Sep 22 08:11:04 EDT 2009

about last week:

---1 software status
Mirko Vogt wrote up a nice summary about software progress in the last
week or two, see
Basically pieces are coming together, kernel first of all. Our goal is
to make the NanoNote the most polished end-user experience shipped with
100% free software. We'll get there...

---2 server upgrade
Many things happened on the server side. We finished the move to our own
dedicated Dual Athlon box at the excellent hosting company hetzner.de in
As part of the move we launched a number of new 'tracking' email lists,
see http://lists.qi-hardware.com
This is for people who prefer tracking things by mail as opposed to RSS/Atom
feeds, and they can now do so in either text or html version.

---3 planet
We launched our copyleft hardware planet, and will assemble an interesting
collection of real hacking blogs, anti-vendor ports, open hardware projects,
people that really care about openness and push the limits of what is
possible with free technology.
Check it out at http://planet.qi-hardware.com, you can read the page,
or subscribe to an RSS/Atom feed, or the tracking email list...

I am a bit uncertain about the netiquette of asking for permission
before syndicating blogs. For the ones that are up now, in some cases
we did ask for permission upfront (everybody agreed), in some cases we
just added the feed (of course we respect copyrights, so if the authors
don't like to be syndicated we would take it down immediately).
Most of the blogs we link to are licensed under Creative Commons licenses
anyway, so they automatically permit redistribution, public archiving, etc.

Anyway, if you know other interesting serious hacking or open/copyleft
hardware blogs, please let us know and we will add it to the planet.

---4 spam
I guess it's a good sign, our site starts to become more known and more
linked to, so we got the first spam on our wiki.
As a result we disabled anonymous edits, you need to create an account
now before making edits. If there is any problem with that please speak
up, fighting spam is a necessary evil of being as open as we are.

So much for this week, steady progress everywhere, also on the mechanical
and certification side, but I wait until there are final results before
reporting them here...

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