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Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at computer.org
Wed Sep 23 04:46:25 EDT 2009

Hi Wolfgang,
this looks interesting to participate there since you have very  
similar targets (but better connections to Ingenic) as the 'mipsbook'  
project for Letux 400 and similar devices (which even use u-boot 1.1.6).


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> Datum: 23. September 2009 09:27:41 MESZ
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> Betreff: Ingenic opening up more - daily Linux development tree
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> Hi,
> good news for all Ingenic hackers: Ingenic agreed to install a little
> rsync box behind their firewall that will rsync their ongoing Linux
> and u-boot development svn repositories to our public server.
> What that means is that any updates they do on the or 2.6.27
> Linux tree, as well as u-boot (old 1.1.6 version) and usbboot, will
> become public the next day :-)


> You can find the 4 new projects at http://projects.qi-hardware.com
> ingenic-tools-usb-boot
> ingenic-linux-01boot-u-boot-1-1-6
> ingenic-linux-02os-linux-2-6-24-3
> ingenic-linux-02os-linux-2-6-27
> Anonymous checkout for example like this:
> svn co http://projects.qi-hardware.com/svn/ingenic-linux-02os-linux-2-6-27/trunk 
>  linux-2.6.27
> This is live as of right now, including revision history, and will
> be updated at 2 AM every night (China timezone).
> There are a number of things that we could imagine for the future,
> such as Ingenic and the upstream Linux scene (us) working directly
> together on a public git server.

Good target.

> But we need to get there in small digestible steps. Also for me it's
> important that Ingenic does not reduce their amount of Linux support.
> I think the best we can do right now is if the various Ingenic hacking
> efforts at Qi Hardware, openinkport.org, dingux.com, etc. could merge
> their work into one tree.


> Many of us are cleaning up Ingenic's drivers, rewriting them for more
> recent kernel interfaces. But it's quite fragmented.

Yes. Very fragmented.

> If we could unite this into one place, based on the most recent  
> upstream
> kernel at the time, we could then ask Ingenic to up-level to that
> version and make it their new base. That would give us a chance to

Why not on linuxtogo.org? This is more independent from any company  
(even qi-hardware.com).

> substantially cleanup quite a bit of the architecture, and then have
> Ingenic continue on top of it.
> Suggestions and feedback welcome - today I'm happy that we made  
> another
> small step towards more openness...
> Wolfgang
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