QI_AVT2 V1.0 Board

Adam Wang adam at qi-hardware.com
Wed Sep 23 22:45:08 EDT 2009

Carlos Camargo wrote:
> Hi
> My new qi_avt2 v1.0  arrived today, and I'm playing with it. I have 
> some comments about this board:
> 1. The keyboard pads can't fit exactly the ben layout.
yes, but it still can work, need to change precisely placement.[1]
> 2. SW1 is big, but the position is good, I think that we must replace 
> with a3 smaller one.
yes, here i cut a long square hole so that's for sliding it. [2]
> 3. CON3 is big and don't allow close the case. If you want to use the 
> serial port, is necessary disassemble the device. I think that we need 
> a right angle connector (like sw1), so we have access to serial port 
> from the battery "hole"
from battery hole area, maybe we can find another place without changing 
more parts layout, but it's still need to evaluate.[3] This avt2 v1.0 
tried to keep most partly layouts same as Ben initially and verify 
different layout shape of jz4720. So now the new shape layout for die is 
work, so we can do step by step and change additional layout way on 
others parts as well. But we still need s/w hacker to help us to test 
the stability.

So we have now get 16 pcs {without glue die}can boot with 32MB SDRAM but 
4 pcs I am still debugging them.
Still working on this.
> I'm working an my new board, so wait more reports  :)
enjoy that, i am also trying to fit it into Ben. but kind ugly a bit. 
The right side for micro-a plug have a gap there. [4][5]

> Carlos
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