QI_AVT2 V1.0 Board

Adam Wang adam at qi-hardware.com
Fri Sep 25 06:03:55 EDT 2009


Xiangfu Liu wrote:
> Adam Wang wrote:
>> [4]
>> http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/hardware/qi_avt2/v1.0/report/photos/whole_set.jpg
> Yi Zhang wrote:
>> However, our ESD test for CE certification has failed. The problem is on
>> USB connector. It is not grounded, close to the power button, therefore
>> easy to produce static, the lab engineer has told me. The engineers of
>> our vendor are working on the solutions.
> Hi Adam.
> the USB host, USB device, headphone all at the right side. 
> is it will have problem on the CE certification ?? 
The probability is pretty high, this version is trying to keep the same 
Ben's board outline and most components' layout; so we focus
the functionalities on usb host, little features-added and new die's 
layout shape firstly, not reliability-oriented this time. But from Yi's 
the ways proposed to eliminate failure must be added-in if it only 
change components; for additional ESD or EMI parts added on new design,
will always be the trade-off and design-in stuff between limited board 
space and parts placement (different classification of signals arranging).

This avt2 v1.0 is facing compression effect caused by new added-on parts 
without changing pcb layers and outline, it has met risks already. but 
it's worth
to have this prototype first. so we still need s/w can help us to find 
out that if any defects behind.
> (I just mention that, I am not good at hardware :-)
ha, me too; especially on linux software. :-)
> how many people like the usb_host_connecter at the left side?
> thanks for advice 
I don't know either.
Hope any comments to be proposed.
> Best Regards
> Xiangfu
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