error trying to build xburst-tools

Jonathan Nieder jrnieder at
Fri Apr 2 18:43:56 EDT 2010

Lon Lentz wrote:

>   I've done that. I've built the latest images and just flashed them (using
> the usbboot binary linked to on the wiki page).
>   I know where the mispel- files are from the image build but the usbboot
> make isn't finding them. I just need to be able to set that path, or find
> out what I did wrong.

They need to be in your $PATH, that’s all.

For example, if your cross-toolchain is in
$HOME/src/openwrt-xburst/toolchain/usr/bin, then you should


before building usbboot.  You can check that this is set up correctly by
running "type mipsel-openwrt-linux-gcc", trying to build some sample C
program, etc.


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