SIMD/Multimedia code

Benjamin M. Schwartz bmschwar at
Tue Apr 6 00:44:38 EDT 2010

According to the datasheet [1], the Ingenic Jz4720 CPU has

(1) XBurst SIMD Instruction set to support multimedia acceleration

(2) Image Processing Unit (IPU) for video frame resize and color space

To what extent are these documented?  I hear that there is some source
code for making use of the SIMD instructions.  I haven't heard anything
about the IPU, which would be even more valuable for video playback.  It
would be nice to have a wiki page pointing to resources relevant to
multimedia development on the Nanonote.

--Ben Schwartz


P.S. Copies of all the relevant datasheets would also be nice to have
centrally organized on the wiki.

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