SAKC as scope

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Tue Apr 6 01:56:59 EDT 2010


> Here [1] [2] you can find a demo of SAKC using the ADC
> [1]

Fantastic video, thanks so much for sharing!

> I don't know why the wiki show a wrong image when the video is stoped

Yes well, bug after bug. Turns out this was a problem with the particular
ffmpeg version on the server. Thanks to excellent help on the #theora
channel I was able to fix it and the thumbnail (still image) looks fine
now. Everything was perfectly fine with the file you uploaded.
Just keep more videos coming :-)
Maybe we should increase the upload size limit from 100 MB to 500 MB soon,
to make way for longer and HD videos...

Check out the video here, SAKC as a scope, only a few weeks after the Ben
NanoNote was released. Amazing!


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