My first hardware mod/or how to mutilate a Ben (serial port)

Adam Wang adam at
Thu Apr 8 22:42:58 EDT 2010

Hi David,

>> Great job!!!
> Not bad to be the first time, isn't it? :P
>> you are an expert soldering this wires to small test points,
> No, really ,it was my first time soldering on a board :), but I'm a
> great copycat and have see Rafa working for some hours soldering Neos,
> so I have a good teacher.

It was really really good points from your first soldering. I should
learn more from your demonstrations on/for avt2.

>>we need push to  Wolfgang to build it :).

hey hey, pushing always brings unexpected defects. You know that we
still made some mistakes on avt2/SAKC even we both tried to make it
right. Sharism owns few members and limited financial base. Especially
hardware stuff. We all members in this list need to keep a good role
of "Self Quality Control" independently like self-check system. Even
though this, we still needs list help on checks/verifications on
hardware design. H/W is not equivalent to S/W. If porting somethings
wrong in good H/W, nothing to lose. But H/W is not, money is gone.
Surely we'll produce it soon. he he.

> Best way to push him to do so is with a full big bag with black
> painted $ on it, we can help him to have one, promoting Ben and
> improving the software as far as it can go :)
>>Definitely you must work with SAKC :)

I don't realize "a full big with black painted..". Could you
illustrate more about this method? Poor my english.
I'd like to absorb any good idea into avt2 before producing it.

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