Problems with video files on wiki

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Fri Apr 9 19:40:04 EDT 2010

first - great new video! (he uploaded a new version of the scope demo)

> I can't see this [1] video on chrome, on Firefox I can see just 12s
> Is a local problem?, I mean my compute settings?

You can try to press PLAY, then when it starts buffering you press PAUSE
until it's fully buffered. Then PLAY again. Maybe that will make it

The videos you uploaded have quite a high bitrate - the new SAKC video
for example 2.4Mbps. That's good in the long run because we have good
quality videos on the server, but right now AFAIK MediaWiki on the server
cannot create lower-bitrate thumbnail videos (it can create thumbnail
still images from the video).
So one option might be to reduce the bitrate when you create the Ogg
Theora file, maybe to 1 MBit?

You say on Chrome it doesn't work at all?
I will try later, let me know if you see new/more problems on your end,

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