Get a console from gmenu2x

Juan José Díaz jjdive at
Fri Apr 9 19:48:44 EDT 2010

Hi David!

jeje my first message to the list!!
You can get into the console from gmenu2x by pressing ctrl+alt+F1 (f1 to f8
works, so we have 8 tty consoles available), it's just like in a desktop
linux. I guess this feature is something new because i test it once in the
2010-01-13 release but didn't work.

The little detail about this it's that in a desktop linux you can get back
to the graphic environment by presing ctrl+alt+F7, but this doesn't work
with NN, then the inly way to do so it's doing a reboot.

Juan José Díaz Vecchio
Grupo Ceimtun
Departamento Ing. Mecánica y Mecatrónica
Universidad Nacional de Colombia
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