gmenu2x in new image

marc zonzon marc.zonzon at
Mon Apr 12 14:02:20 EDT 2010

I have also tried the new image; At start it launch gmenu2x, first you
think "How to escape from this jail?" but Alt-Ctrl-f1 then Ctrl-C
allow to find back your dear shell.
The rootfs is now overloaded with a ton of unusable packages. Is it
necessary to put unused libraries, or application as wpa_supplicant
since so few people have wifi ( and it"s not even sure they need wpa!)
I understand that since Qi-Hardware has not yet a binary repository
you want to provide in the rootfs the packages that are not in the
openwrt feed. Like Stardict, gmenu2x, gmu,... But you give also so
many unusable things. It's very difficult then to clean, you have to
follow dependencies for each library to check if it is used by an
important application. It's so better to follow the 'install only what
you really need' policy. I suppose that presently nanonotes users are
Linux user and with some development background, they know how to
install a package!

Well so I first commented in /etc/init.d/start the line
        # /usr/bin/gmenu2x

This gmenu2x is configured with strange settings in
the a is mapped to the key z, and  b=>x, l=>q, r=>p
This keymap is not worse than the original, but in the help and in the
documentation you have
the original keymap. It will be good either to switch back to proper
keycodes, or rewrite the help screen.

I have added to entries in the settings section, to allow to exit and
halt the machine I give them here if somebody want to use them


description=Exit GMenu2X
params="exit from gmenu2x"


description=Halt Ben Nano

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